Jun 20, 2017

Press Releases


Applications are open in every region


Milan, 20 June  – The new recruitment campaign kicks off, as promised by Uvet – an Italian leader in tourism and a leading provider of innovative services and solutions for leisure travel, mobility management, events, MICE and pharma – to hire Personal Travel Specialists. This is, in effect, an independent work solution, without an employment contract but with a collaboration contract between the parties that allows an individual, through technical and operational tools provided by Uvet/Last Minute Tour, to operate as a seller of tourist products and packages.

The project, which was started in November, 2015, is in continuous expansion and development. “The role of the PTS works and is highly appreciated by clients. The “home” service is a winning concept, being available outside of the normal shop working hours is central to driving sales” said Glauco Auteri, Personal Travel Specialist Manager. “We focus on the quality and the professionalism of our collaborators, continuing to forsake sheer quantity in favour of the incredible quality of our people. This is why selecting people is a very in-depth process and the new recruitment initiatives, which will begin on 1 July through “Indeed”, will also be more selective and rigorous. In addition, the Personal Travel Specialist is supported by the solid organisation of Uvet which no other similar system can claim”.

There are no limits to clients’ travel and holiday requests: from the most famous destinations to the more particular trips. This demonstrates that this profession generates the greatest satisfaction both for clients as well as for the people that provide this service, living alongside, with the greatest respect, the more traditional sales channels.

Post by Salvatore Sacco