Nov 23, 2017

Press Releases


The President, Luca Patanè, reiterated his wish to work towards further improvements in the affiliate network structure


Milan, 23 November – A change in the air at Uvet Travel Network. As discussed at the Biz Travel Forum in a meeting with over 250 of the Group’s agencies in attendance.

The Uvet President, , Luca Patanè, confirmed his wish to continue, in a determined way, all the networking activities which were kicked off in the months earlier, in order to ensure that the Group’s future is even more positive and the network is even better structured. Angela Zennaro (Sales and Operations Manager) and Sandro Palumbo (Business Travel Manager) explained, in a clear and pragmatic way, the activities and projects which, increasingly, define the unique characteristics of the UTN on the market and its evident role as an important player in the tourist distribution segment.

After a phase of adjusting the technical and operation aspects, which lasted a couple of months,” said Angela Zennaro, “2018​ is going to mark the relaunch and restrengthening of the services and tools that can increasingly differentiate the UTN as a reliable network, aligned with the needs of the market. Being part of our Group means playing an active role in the supply chain, making your value and your know-how available. The centrality of the affiliate will be the true star in the coming months, and there will also be some important announcements in early 2018 on new sales choices”.

There is a definite sense of Business Travel within the network”, confirms Sandro Palumbo. “The Uvet Group’s history and its confirmation as a player of reference in Business Travel, allows the Network to attract agencies with huge experience and specific technology, allowing them to be highly competitive in their territory”.

There are 1,000 sales points in the Uvet Travel Network in Italy and many new ones were announced at the meeting: for example, the use of MAILUP for e-mail marketing, which supports the exclusive ULOVE system (a wedding list platform) also included in the new edition of Progetto Sposi, which is part of SIMAGAZINE, a magazine soon to be published.

Also starting is a “pilot project” aimed at, for now, a limited set of 6 agencies. This is revolutionary audio/video support for use in sales points to increase visibility and to guide the client in their purchase process. Once tested, it will be offered to all the agencies in the network.

On the sales front and sales services for agencies, the curtain rises on the LEONARDO platform, already available to every network agency and which offers a dynamic booking system for hotel services, flights and ancillary services, at extremely competitive rates.

​In addition, the UNITED project is updated, allowing Network Agencies who have the TO feature on specific products/destinations, to distribute and sell their products to all the other agencies in the network, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of distributed professionalism that puts agencies at the centre of the process, as an active, creative player within the network.

There is no shortage of training either: UACADEMY offers constant, targeted updates on a broad range of topics of specific interest to agencies.

The UTABLE initiative is growing too, a moment of direct, real debate with other network agencies to deal with, in a serious, operational way, predefined topics with the aim of capitalising on the individual professionals found in the network, so that they become examples for, and offer value to, everyone. In this way, the “team spirit” needed within any network will be increased.


Post by Salvatore Sacco