Feb 28, 2017

Press Releases


The objective is to concentrate the entire range of Uvet services for mobility into one single platform. The representation agreement for Italy by the worldwide network, Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Service, has been renewed.

Milan, 28 February  – News from Uvet: Ufleet is launched, the new mobility services company created to integrate management of corporate fleets by TKT and transfer and events management for TripItaly Drive.

The goal is to provide a complete range of mobility services through a single platform in order to allow client companies to develop a real process of mobility management and optimisation, integrating the world of corporate vehicle fleets with innovative automotive solutions.

UFleet’s strengths are innovation, technology, dedicated software and automatically produced reports; fundamental aspects to support the client and to simplify the client’s business.

Also launched with UFleet is the “Ufleet-Your Mobility App”, available for iOS and Android and the U-Dashboard software.

U-App, is for drivers to help manage their company vehicle. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to look up all the information on the renter (useful numbers, service centres), to manage the documentation regarding the vehicle such as, for example, the insurance certificates, claim forms in the case of an accident, second driver assignment letters, details on the start and end of the rental period, fines, personal debt and much more. U-App therefore consolidates all the managed data/information, giving visibility to all the information on the company’s regulations, car policy, operational aspects and puts the driver at the centre of their company vehicle. Interfacing with Ufleet is made simple due to interactive messages and uploads via photograph of all the documentation necessary for the vehicle. With push notifications, each company communication can easily reach the driver who will never miss an update.

U-Dashboard is the strategic interface for Fleet Managers and companies and allows them to monitor: the size of the fleet, the total cost of ownership, fines, CO2, order statuses, km and distance travelled.

It is a strategic tool for the short and mid-long term that lets companies understand the performance of all the parameters which are essential to fleet management, thereby guaranteeing full control of the fleet.

In the short term, it lets companies act in a timely way to eliminate costs, or to understand which parameters are not in line with the year’s budget and, through Ufleet’s consultancy support, allows the Fleet Manager to have greater management control, helping him/her assess whether to make any changes in the following months.

In addition, TripItaly Drive has extended the representation agreement for another 5 years with Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Service becoming the exclusive point of reference for Italy. Carey Italy offers the same high levels of service as Carey has all over the world: 24/7, 365 days a year service. systematic daily reports, cars and minivans with the same features in every city, professional chauffeurs, prepared for any requirement, safety and night-time availability, centralised operational management and with a team having several years of experience in the same sector. The Carey Group was awarded the Gold Travvy Award 2017 for “Best Chauffeured Services Overall” in the travel & mobility industry.


Post by Salvatore Sacco